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Meet Rodney V

Hello everyone, I’m Rodney V. I’m a big Detroit sports fan to include the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers, and the Detroit Red Wings. Like traveling, having fun, and enjoying life.

Love being around my family, children, and grand babies. Like listening to some great bands and musicians. Who loves food? I always like to check out the local food where ever I go.

Salute To All Veterans

Rodney V. served this great nation for 14 years in the US Army as a Master Gunner and Platoon Sergeant for many armor and cavalry units. I was in charge of training the entire unit. Some of the greatest years of my life was spent in the US Army on tanks. They are an awesome machine.

A brotherhood that can only be understood if you served. I met some of the greatest leaders in my life from the military. Men that faced fear head on. True Americans. We are proud of you men and women. “Salute to all Veterans”.

Mobile Biz Buzz

I currently run Mobile Biz Buzz. We get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile with our 5 step smartphone mobile marketing plan. We provide the tools you need to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and still provide your company with a profit as long as you maintain your program as recommended.

2016 Smartphone Mobile Marketing Plan

  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Loyalty Punch Cards
  • Mobile e-mail
  • All integrated with social media
  • Bonus when you pay annually. 4 Business Videos within 12 months.

The only way we succeed is when you succeed. We provide all the tools that work together so you can have a successful campaign. We provide recommendations, tips, and suggestions so your program is more effective. This program is very affordable, easy to use, customer friendly, and comes with our great customer service. It also comes with a 5 year price guarantee. Mobile marketing for local businesses that could be a small business or even a mom and pops shop.

If you would like to work with myself personally. Send me an e-mail and I will give you the details.

Let’s get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Rodney V has the Hard Road Experience

I’ve worked with insurance companies, car dealerships, cable companies, and many local businesses. Rodney V has worked the corporate world with downsizing, companies being bought out, and positions eliminated. Pay cuts, longer hours, and many holidays not being with the family. It’s wild what you will do to support your family. I new something had to change.

I’ve even ran a couple of brick and mortar businesses. Talk about long hours. You got to give all your time to even succeed. Life’s to short to not enjoy it. So off I went to learn about the internet marketing world. Just me, Rodney V.

Rodney V 2009 Career Change

I started my career of internet marketing in 2009 while selling cable TV. Since then Rodney V has assisted many local business owners with local marketing, mobile website design, seo, and video marketing.

I’ve assisted many individuals that wanted to succeed with do it yourself online marketing. How to start an online business with success. Where to get the training in affiliate marketing so you can succeed online.

Do it yourself online marketing can give you a monthly income, extra income, a full time income, retirement income, or just some extra cash to do the things in life that are important to you. There are many programs out there in the online world. I use programs that are stable, solid, and leaders in their fields. Hello, I’m Rodney V.

Get Your Training

Before you even get started, learn the basics of internet marketing, affiliate programs, and how this stuff works. I learned this information the hard way. Get your training so you can be a, do it yourself online marketer like Rodney V did. Learn with people that are learning to succeed at operating an online business. Learn from experts that have over ten years experience. Someone that stays on top of new trends and offers advise that works.

Use Your Online Skills to Work Offline

Local online and offline marketing is a great combo.  Helping other small local businesses can be very rewarding and a good money maker as you advance your skills in the online world. Working in the city that you live and the surrounding communities has advantages to gaining your experience. You can get your feet wet while you learn your offline and online skills. Rodney V, You got this! How bout YOU.

This is where I combined my offline sales skills with my online marketing skills and was able to offer a service to local businesses. This is a great way to get started also. It’s a lot of work at first. Develop a schedule and just follow it to the tee. Things will start to pay off. Develop your plan then work your plan.

Think you got what it takes? Maybe you just need a great product or service to offer. We got you covered with our smartphone mobile marketing plan. We provide the tools you need to succeed. You got to have a positive mental attitude. Ambition. and the ability to take action. We don’t sit around and drink coffee next to the computer.

This is a real business and you have got to treat it as a real business. This is where your cash is going to be coming in. This is about residual income. Working for a set amount of time like for three years. You never know maybe you want to go seven years. Your goal could be 600 accounts.

Even if you started small like 4 sales per month is not a bad income for your 1st year in business. 40 sales times $139 = $5,560 monthly. Do that for a few years and you are set up for a cash infusion.

Results will vary by region, economy, and any unknown factors. It is up to you. Based on your actions and results. I supply the tools, make recommendations, give tips, and suggestions. You pay a service fee to me just like any customer. You keep the profits.

This cash flow comes in month after month. You get to work in your surrounding communities calling on business owners. Something you been waiting for. This could be the opportunity that moves you up a level. Your a business owner. Your rewards come from hard work or paying someone to do the tasks that need attention.

Get the Training for Affiliate Marketing

Plain and simple if you want to succeed get the training for affiliate marketing. You can promote pretty much sell anything online in affiliate marketing. Learn to be an affiliate marketer. You control your future. Get educated the right way. Check out do it yourself online marketing training. Work at your own pace. Learn in the comfort of your own home.

What if Rodney V  told you that you can join for free? Would you be interested in learning how to put a few bucks in your pocket. Can you imagine using your knowledge of your hobbies, interest, and desires to profit in an online world?

Is it time or you just going to sit on your behind and think about it like Rodney V did a few years back. Your already thinking about it. It’s free. Check it out. This is a great opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to be a, do it yourself online marketing genius.

I recommend the paid version. That’s right, you get what you pay for. Stop procrastinating. You got to get in the game to win the game. Start with the free version then upgrade when ready. That’s what Rodney V did.

So what is your idea of success? $50 per day, $100 per day, $1,000 per day, or an amount that you could quit your job and enjoy life with all the people you love. You got to believe in order to succeed. Rodney V says if he can do it, you can do it.

Most of all, you need to know how to do it. Do it yourself online marketing can be your key to getting the things in life that you always wanted. So get your education. It’s the only thing holding you back. Now you have an opportunity to learn how to capture your piece of pie. Take advantage of being a do it yourself online marketing graduate.

I’m Rodney V and want to thank you for listening to my thoughts. It’s up to you. All I can do is guide you in the right direction. Remember to get the training. You deserve that. Gaining knowledge is vital to your success. Pass this information on to fellow veterans, friends, facebook, twitter, house wives, single parents, sisters, brothers, or people that deserve an opportunity to become successful. Tell them Rodney V sent you.


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